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Question re: personal reference library

Hello all,
        As an avocationist, I keep trying to learn all I can about
ancient life and fossils of all types. I'm slowly compiling a library of
all kinds of paleo and anthropology books, and I know some of the things
I've acquired are sadly outdated (a couple of Roy Chapman Andrews kids'
books among others) or wildly inaccurate. 
        For the sake of brevity, I'm not going to list my whole library.
(Did I hear a collective sigh of relief? <G>) What I'm after is a list of
books an avocationist MUST have in a personal library and a list of the
bad ones - the ones I should avoid like the plague, no matter how big a
bargain they are (I'm a sucker for a cheap dino book! <G>). I want to
fill my shelves with good reference materials and I'm hoping I don't have
to get rid of many "bad" ones. 
        Please reply to the list, as I'm sure we have a number of
avocationists lurking who would also want to know.
         Thanks in advance for the help. (Fingers crossed that I don't
have to dump too many books!)
         Deb Boaz
         Southwest Paleontological Society
         Mesa Southwest Museum
         Mesa, AZ