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Re: Titanosaurus head & neck discovered in Chubut, Argentina

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>Subject:             Titanosaurus head & neck discovered in Chubut,
>       Date:             Sat, 12 Apr 1997 15:35:17 GMT
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>Extracted from "Pagina/12" (Argentina) :
>A team from the Paleontology department of the Universidad de la
>Patagonia announced last week the discovery of a skull (complete
>with 3.5 meters of neck) of a Titanosaurus. It was found at Laguna
>Palacios, 250 Km northwest of Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut, Argentina.
>This is an Upper Cretaceous area (90 million years), with a landscape
>similar to the well known Valle de la Luna. 

I'm presuming what they actually mean is "titanosaurid", not "Titanosaurus"
(a much younger dino).

>This is the fourth Titanosaurus skull discovered in the world, but
>this apparently belongs to a new species.The neck features a
>previously unseen system of bony sinews,

"ossified tendons", perhaps?

>perhaps from evolutive 
>origin, useful to prevent excessive flexion that could  damage
>the spinal cord.
>The seven people team was directed by Ruben Martinez, and they're
>working on fossils since 1983. Previously they have found many 
>important discoveries on the Patagonia ( Xenotarsosaurus in 1985,
>Espachtosaurus in 1986, Notohypsilophodon in 1990, and
>Aniksosaurus in 1995)

Notohypsilophodon?  Aniksosaurus?  Anyone (George?  Tracy?  Anyone?) got a
reference for these puppies?

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