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Re: Titanosaurus head & neck discovered in Chubut, Argentina

Shawn Patrick Zack wrote:
>         At the risk of sounding even more out of the loop than I already am, 
> what are the first three _Titanosaurus_ skulls known?  I'm guessing that one 
> is the specimen from Madagascar mentioned in National History, but that still 
> leaves two.  Any chance they're including _Antarctosaurus_ ?
If this skull is complete as a earlier email to the list (Mickey P.
Rowe) said, then would'nt it be the first complete skull ever be found
of a titanosaurid?

>From Saltasaurus the skull elements so far reported are a few detached
elements from the rear and roof of the skull (Huene, 1929) and perhapse
a braincase (Berman & Jain, 1982) which are of little diagnostic value.
>From Antarctosaurus there is a cranium and a partible mandible. What the
thirth titanosaurid skull would be in unclear to me. Ore it must be
T.madagascariensis (Deperet,1896) 2 caudal vertebrae and a scut. Maybe
my information is outdated if so please help me to update.

With regards
Fred Bervoets