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Re: Whatever prima

>This exact thought has been running through my mind as well recently. Since
>Feduccia is in print (Audubon, April 1997) as saying "How do you get one of
>these dinosaurs into a tree? They're simply not built for tree climbing." I
>have to wonder how strictly-cursorial, non-arboreal animals (Feduccia's
>dinosaurs) are convergently similar to animals that, according to
>Feduccia's reasoning, must have spent considerable time in trees? Is it
>just me, or does this line of reasoning simply not make any sense?
>Brian (franczak@ntplx.net)

I think it makes excellent sense, especially since I have made the same
exact point on this list.  BTW, goats are simply not built for
tree-climbing either, but they can do it....
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