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Re: Science of JP and The Lost World

>On Sun, 13 Apr 1997, dwlewis wrote:
>> Ray McAllister wrote:
>> > My big question is "Can a mosquito's blood machine penetrate a dino hide?".
>> > I watched JP again last night and was alert to the errors discussed on this
>> > group some time in the past. I think there are more that never made it to
>> > the net! Since Lost World appears to have been written as a movie script,
>> > it will be interesting to see it in a month or so.
>> Couldn't the mosquitoes just goe in between the scales?
>I'm not sure how skeeters would react to a dino hide, but with furred
>animals (like my aussie), they'llluster around the face, where the fur is
>less and there's exposed skin. I would suppose that the mosquitoes would
>adapt and find vulnerable places on the dinosaurs. This cuold well have
>been also the face area.
  Rich Travsky

        If anyone knows to what extent mosquitoes plague living scaly
reptiles, that might be a clue.


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