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JurassiCon-S.E. Dinosaur Convention of '98

Greetings all,

(Special thanks to Kelly for giving me a kick in my complacency and
finally posting an official message on this list.  I have been meaning to
do it for 3 weeks now...)

The news is true.  We are happy to announce the formation of a new
convention, JurassiCon.  This is a nonprofit, amateur-run event, planned
for Atlanta in JUNE, 1998 (We recently moved up the date to help avoid
conflicts with DinoFest - Exact date pending site availability)  It will
take place over a 3-day weekend during that month.  Our theme is
DINOSAURS and the myriad ways they are depicted in popular culture
(science, science fiction, and the media).

At present, we are finalizing our site confirmation, which will determine
exact date and location, but it will be held in Metro Atlanta, Georgia. 
(I will post updates on this list periodically as important news

JurassiCon will bring together professionals and non-professionals alike
from the fields of Paleontology, Geology and Anthropology with the Fine &
Media arts in a dynamic forum designed to enlighten and educate it's
members.  This event will be held in a convention format, with guest
speakers, panel discussions & debates, special exhibits and displays, an
exhibitors hall, Art Show, and Film & Video programming.  

At present, I am proud to say we have a few great guests lined up...David
Schwimmer (paleontologist, Columbus State University, Columbus, GA), 
Rick C. Spears (Dinosaur Illustrator,Sculptor and Exhibit Designer) and
Craig Hamilton (Dinosaur Illustrator and Comics Artist).  We welcome the
involvement and opinion of anyone working in the Paleo Arts & Sciences on
this project, so feel free to contact us (off-list) if you have an

P.O. Box 98308
Atlanta GA 30359

A portion of profits from JurassiCon will benefit Dinosaur research in
the form of grant or donation to an as yet unnamed beneficiary. 
JurassiCon is a Georgia Nonprofit Corporation.

Thanks for your time.

William J. Bevil       /          Lewis Murphy
Co-Chairman          /         Co-Chairman