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RE: The Science of The Lost World

A noted paleontologist wrote:

> Will it be a hot or a cold cereal?

Interesting question, and a controversial one.  Debate continues to 
rage as to whether Jurassic Crunch is a Cold- or a Hot-Cereal. Most 
now maintain that it will be Hot-, but a few staid conservatives 
insist that it should be Cold-.  Some radical marketing analyists 
state that, in fact, there is no difference, being that Hot-Cereals  
developed from Cold-Cereals.  Some would say that Hot-Cereals ARE 

The cereal will be released in gigantic boxes, so it must only slowly 
and painfully be transported to the trunk of your car; go too fast, 
as some nuts suggest,  and the box will tip over and burst.  Some 
marketing analyists (who, despite being refuted, continue to drone on 
about this point) claim that the stealthy little boxes in the variety 
pack will not suffer this fate, and this will explain why Jurassic 
Crunch is doomed as a product.

More later on this NBC station.