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Re: Periodicals

>Date: Tue, 15 Apr 1997 07:05:11 -0700
>From:kodiak@inetworld.net (MC2)
>Subject:Re: Periodicals
>>I am a relative newcomer to the list and also quite the novice. Can any
>>of you tell me of any periodicals for those of us interested in
>Try "Dinosaur Discoveries" (Tiger Publications,  PO Box 8759, Amarillo,
>TX, 79114-8759.  E-mail address is tiger@arn.net; phone 1-806-655-2009.)
>You may also want to join the Dinosaur Society which publishes a
>more-or-less-quarterly magazine called The Dinosaur Report

T.A. Curtis
13980 Lyons Valley Road
Jamul, CA   91935-2024