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Re: paleo pioneers

kmh wrote:
> I could use a little help regarding biographical details on a few paleo
> pioneers.  Any legit comments about their resumes and achievements, even
> personal quirks would be ever so appreciated.
> Bell Hatcher
> Arthur Lake
> O.W. Lucas
> Thanks!
> *kel
> girl dino writer
> p.s.  Anyone have the URL's for these two handy?
> Dinamation International Society
> Smithsonian Institute
?I would like this URL also if it is available?

John J. Francis  Email: jfrancis@csulb.edu 
I. S. Tech. II, Geology Department & USAR Coordinator (Alternate)
California State University at Long Beach
HOMEPAGE: http://seis.natsci.csulb.edu/JJF/john.html