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Re: The Science of The Lost World

on Tue, 15 Apr 1997, kmh wrote:
>I have a feeling I'll soon feel my tail tucked between my legs for
>saying this, but what is wrong with having a little dinosaur FUN??? 
>So geez, lemme buy my Jurassic Crunch without a complex.  I promise,
>I'll warn my 7-year-old about the evils of dinosaur fiction with 
>every, sorted gulp she swallows.

    For God's sake, get a grip!
        Stereotyping never ceases to amaze me. Leave it to someone to 
take a purely satirical comment that was little more than 2 WORDS 
long and blow it up to some big issue with all sorts of 
assumptions/stereotypes that have been foisted upon those who have 
committed the henious crime of not worshipping JP or the ground 
Speilberg walks on. Just because I didn't appreciate the scientific 
falsehoods of the movie, didn't think it had much in the way of a 
story, and hate the word "raptor" with a passion doesn't mean I'm 
going to freak out because there's a dinosaur cereal! Quite to the 
contrary, I'm probably going to be racing kids to the checkout line 
buying it (the same way I buy Count Chocula 'cause I'm a gothic 
freak=)... And I'm sure the same goes for more than a few of us 
pittiful, misguided, closed-minded cynics as well. So, geez yourself.

This rant brought to you by

The only thing in the universe which does not obey the laws of 
Physics is Creativity.

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