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Re: JurassiCon-S.E. Dinosaur Convention of '98

On Tue, 15 Apr 1997 10:18:53 MDT "Joyce E. Green"
<JEBGREEN@geode.umnh.utah.edu> writes:

>Why anthropology??

It is a valid question.  Although JurassiCon is 90% dinosaurs, we have
also conceded that other Natural History issues will enter the arena as
well.  In fact, we encourage it.  Discussions on prehistoric mammals,
including man, are a possible topic for a panel debate or possibly for
use with a children's programming track, where we can demonstrate that
humans (despite Hollywood's indication to the contrary)  DID NOT live at
the same time as the dinosaurs.  The topic of evolution, both before and
after the dinos, is relevant.

Also, many anthropologists/archeologists we have spoken to consider
themselves modestly informed on dinosaurs and Mesozoic animals, and these
people would be welcome to participate in JurassiCon on debate panels,
discussions, etc. (Despite the fact that they are not professional

William Bevil
JurassiCon 1998