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Re: Drepanosaurs (was Re: Whatever prima)

>Feduccia has never worked with non-avians professionally.  He has not done
>any research on these critters.

        Whoa -- did _I_ just catch Tom Holtz in an error????  8-O  Well,
OK, not an error _per se_, but...Feduccia may not have done any actual
_research_ on these things, but he _has_ published a paper on his thoughts
on _Megalancosaurus_:

Feduccia, A.  (1993).  "Birdlike characters in the Triassic Archosaur
_Megalancosaurus_."  _Naturwissenschaften_ 80:  564-566.

Not as accessible, in-depth, or lengthy as the _JVP_ article, but it bares
Feduccia's thoughts on the matter.

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