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Re: The Science of The Lost World---HCCF (Hot Cer

On 15 Apr 97 19:56:00 EDT, you wrote:

>Dinogeorge@aol.com wrote:
>> In a message dated 97-04-15 13:57:52 EDT, you write:
>> << In my phylogeny, cursorial, non-arboreal Cereals could never have made the
>> transition from the cereal bowl into the box---they had to have descended
>> from the box into the bowl!! (sorry George, I couldn't resist) >>
>> I'd say your phylogeny is quite correct. The path of least resistance is box
>> into bowl, not bowl back into box.
>You guys take this a little to seriously. I mean come on? Discussing the
>evolution of a CEREAL? I know it's all in good fun but COME ON! LIGHTEN

What? You disagree? Obviously you're a cereal creationist...