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Re: Science of the Lost World

I realize you people don't know me from Adam, but I really wanted to share my 
thoughts on this one.  I loved Jurassic Park, first of all, because it was a 
cool movie, and secondly, because it re-sparked a long dormant passion for the 
science of paleontology in my soul (well, the movie, and some really 
recent discoveries).  It helped to inspire me, at the age of 28, and with two 
small children, to re-enter the insane world of college life to learn this 
wonderful science, and God, hard work, and grant money willing, I might someday 
be able to meaningfully contribute to the discussions about cladistics and 
metatarsals (or whatever) and who only knows what else, and actually be able to 
fully understand what I'm talking about.
    Speaking as a Theatre Professional (my profession until now), let's all 
suspend our disbelief a little bit here, ok?  It's a MOVIE.  If I want real 
life, I watch the Discovery Channel, or the news or something.  I certainly 
don't go see a movie about dinosaurs that eat people and think it's the real 
thing.  Try to remember that movies like this inspired a whole generation of 
fine paleontologists and it is likely that Jurrasic Park and The Lost World 
likely will inspire a whole new generation.  Let's give the kids a little 
credit, they can tell fantasy from reality better than we can sometimes.
   BTW, I thought the debate over the evolution of cereal was a hoot.  However, 
on a more serious note, a cereal like this one doesn't necessarily "get away 
with something for nothing" . It is another way to get people (kids) interested 
in the science.  It brings it home to them, pardon the pun. When something is 
fun, it is definately more interesting than when it is not.  I undrstand that 
funds for research are sickeningly small and hard to come by, and maybe a 
writing campaign is a good idea, but I get a very elitist feeling from it.  
like saying "How dare you put a dinosaur cereal on the market that kids will 
think is neat and fun and not give ME anything.  This belongs to me, not 
everybody else."  

I realize this was a little long winded, I get that way sometimes.  My 
apologies.  I'm sure I will be picking pieces of peoples boots out of the seat 
of my jeans for some time after this, so, have a little mercy on me.

Karen M. Bentle
aspiring amature paleontologist
"Study and your chance will come"--Abraham Lincoln

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