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Re: Protoavis

In article <199704150427.XAA06431@dfw-ix7.ix.netcom.com>, Tracy Ford
<tlford@ix.netcom.com> writes
>ou wrote: 
>>      Did Chatterjee ever publish anything on _Protoavis_ other
>>then his skull description in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal
>>Society?  Has ANYBODY else really gotten a chance to study the specimen in
>Here's some references:
>Chatterjee, S. 1987. Skull of Protoavis and Early Evolution of Birds. Journal 
>Vertebrate Paleontology, Volume 7, Supplement to Number 3. Abstracts of papers 
>Forty-Seventh Annual Meeting Society of Vertebrate Paleontolo
>gy: 14a.
>Chatterjee, Sankar, 1995. The Triassic bird Protoavis. Archaeopteryx, Volume 
>Number 15-31.
>Ostrom, John H ., 1996. The Questionable validity of Protoavis. Archaeopteryx, 

Ostrom questioned the avian affinity of Protoavis as early as in 1991.

Ostrom J H, The bird in the bush, Nature 1991; 353: 212

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