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Dino-Bites (tm): News Nibbles added to our News Page

In honor of the current infatuation with news bites and The Short
Attention Span Theatre, we've instituted a news feature on our news
Announcing! Tah Dah!

Dino-Bites: News Nibbles

Itsy bitsy bite size dino news items both reverent and irreverent. Part
of the idea of the feature is to show how ideas CHANGE over time.
Sometimes the original news item is altered within a day or so when new
information is reported. This is part of the process of science that is
seldom understood and appreciated by lay people who often interpret this
as "flakiness" on the part of scientists.

So. Let us know what you think! And please feel free to contribute
announcements and news items.


E. Summer

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