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Re: The Science of The Lost World

>>Kel, girl dino writer, asks "...what's wrong with having a little fun..."
>I have no problem with the "having fun" aspect of this and similar cases,
>but I would ask why comercial ventures can cash ion on palaeontologicla
>work without paying any dues back into the science. Are the makers of this
>cereal paying a portion of profist back to palaeontology? If not, why not?
>Perhaps it could be worth starting a letter writing campaign. I just fail
>to see why commercial exploiters of things palaeontological should get away
>with something for nothing.
>Dr Paul M.A. Willis
>Consulting Vertebrate Palaeontologist
>Quinkana Pty Ltd

No flame intended,

But isn't this like asking why the manufacturer of Animal Crackers don't pay 
a portion of their profits to zoology?

Or why Bounty paper napkins pays nothing to support the lumberjacks of the 
Pacific Northwest?

-William C. Ward

Sjt. William C. Ward         
Williamson's Co. 
4th Battn., Royal Regt. of Artillery

Where a goat can go a man can go,
and where a man can go he can drag a gun!

             -Major General William Phillips, RA