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DINO FUN?!?[joke]

        DINOSAUR FUN?!? By Lucifer's Beard what kind of madness is 
this?!? Of all the arse-narfing, hanky-panky, higgly-piggly, jiggery-
pokery, tom-foolery we have ever seen...! WE WILL REMAIN SILENT NO 
LONGER! Dinosaurs are not fun! They are old dead animals! Not "funny-
stuff"! Now you have gone too far! We are the CITIZENS FOR A DINOSAUR-
FREE MEDIA, and this is our 10-point manifesto:

1)Under no circumstances are the terms "dinosaur" and "fun" to be 
  used in conjunction. Violators shall be prosecuted to the fullest 
  extent permissible by the ICZN.
2)Anyone caught using the word "raptor" shall be personally wedgied 
  by our Liberation Squad.
3)There shall be a new zero-tolerance policy on active poses and 
  feathers in all dinosaur art. As well, only shades of dark brown, 
  dark green, and grey are to be used. Those who do not comply will 
  have their artist's licences revoked.
4)Those found worshipping Jurassic Park and/or Steven Speilberg shall 
  be stripped, redressed in a lab coat or three-piece suit (wedgie 
  squad director's discression) and be forced to convert into a lab-
5)No palaeontologists are to enjoy their work under any circumstances 
  or they shall be forced to undergo an extensive lectutre by a 
  litany of grade 5 science teachers until they realize just how 
  boring science really is.
6)Children will only be allowed to read wedgie squad approved 
  textbooks from the 1940's, with all pictures and refferences to 
  behaviour blotted out with a big ol' black Jiffy Marker.
7)Science and dinosaurs are to be made in no way attractive or 
  interesting to the public by any means. Legal action against Bill 
  Nye The Science Guy and Bob Bakker is pending.
8)Dinosaur toy shippments will be cheese bombed and all Toys R Us' 
  razed to the ground. Besides, they can put out kid's eyes.
9)All books on dinosaurs are to be recalled and properly edited until
  they have reached our carefully determined quotas of "dry" and 
  and finally;

You have been warned. That is all.

                              Sieg Heil!
                  this message brought to you by the
courtesy of your local Snidley Whiplash,

[and just to beat you do-gooders to the punch, THIS IS A JOKE! okay?]

*******light a candle for my sins and burn me to the ground********
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