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Old books, or when you were young

You wrote: 

>I realize there is a tendency these days to seek immediate gratification on
>the Internet, but doing the academic "legwork" yourself will be much more
>helpful to you in the long run.  Twenty years ago and more, I used to pour
>over all the dinosaur and other paleo books I could buy or get out the
>library, and many of them are now in my office here.  They may be out of
>date, their pictures may reflect concepts of dinosaurian biology and
>behavior long since abandoned, but they were influential to me and led me on
>to other things.

Isn't nostalgic to look over those books again, and just remember when you were 
a little kid, just how much you liked that book? Or finding a book that you 
hadn't seen in years and your memory takes you back?

Just grand.