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Re: Jim Kirkland please...

Brian Curtice wrote:
> > Yes, I got a chance to study the specimen briefly. The folks at the
> > Sonoran Desert Museum are not dinosaur workers. They had published it as
> > an ornithopod (in Fossils of Arizona, v 3), had the the partial pelvis
> > IDed as a scapula, front legs for back ect. The head is new! I first
>         I always wondered who first clued these boys in, as my parents kept
> calling me and telling me it was a hadrosaur of some sort!  Linda
> and I went to Az about 3 weeks ago and had a looksee at the stuff.  Ron
> asked me if I'd be interested in helping describe the thing, which I fully
> plan to do!  The stuff if very exciting as, being the first ever isolated
> 'pod that is reasonably complete from NA (other than Alamosaurus) it
> deserves a name.  And I wouldn't be in the slightest surprised if some
> beasties get refered to it not too long after it is named, as I am slowly
> but surely building up an interesting repertoire (sp) of NA K sauropods.
> I cannot wait to see the Zimbabwe/South African/South American EK
> sauropods!  They should be awesome! 
>         But where are the vertebrae??? :)

They had a caudal centrum that looked somewhat Pleurocoelus-like to me, 
but what do I know, you are the expert on these beasts. I'm thrilled to 
hear you are going to get involved in its description.

 The southwest is going to be taking its place
> > in dino paleo.
>         And I fully plan on being involved somehow!  After all I am an
> Arizonan born and bred!!!

I did not know that. I did my thesis and Ph.D. research in Arizona.

Jim K.