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Re: Dino Parasites??

Richard Hengst wrote:
> I have been asked to talk a little about my research but with a slant
> toward parasites (informal, and after dinner).  If anyone out there has any
> information about the paleontology of parasites in general, or more
> specifically, on parasites and dinosaurs I would appreciate the information.
> Thanks in advance.
> Rich
> ------------------------------
> Rich Hengst
> rhengst@purduenc.edu

There is a herp parisite that causes a thing in turtles called shell pit 
desease. These are large pits that form in the bone under a turtle's 
keratinaceous shell.

We see this very commonly in our new polacanthid ankylosaurs found with 
Utahraptor in the Early Cretaceous. It forms in the armor bone. I have 
alerted paleo pathologist, Dr. Bruce Rothchild of this. It also occurs 
in other ankylosaurs. Examples include the type of Stegopelta, and the 
San Diego Mus. Nat. Hist. nodosaur. A very large abcess is present on 
one of the armored neck rings of the type of the Asian 
primitive ankylosaurid Shamosaurus. This might be a variant of what we 
observe in are NA beasts.

Jim Kirkland