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The real scoop on the cereal

I have, sitting right next to my keyboard, a box of General Mills Jurassic
Park Crunch Cereal.  It basically looks like Lucky Charms.  Randomly shaped
blobs of  oat stuff with "Prehistoric Marshmallow Shapes", including "Pink
Triceratops, Striped Velociraptor, Dinosaur Hatching Egg and Chameleon
T-rex".  The back of the box has a "match the skeletom with its dinosaur"
game, which is rendered difficult to see due to the poor color choice on foil
box.  There is also a word search.


There is also a contest.  If, when you open the box, it roars, you might be a
winner.  If it roars and there is a certificate inside, you get the prize
indicated on the certificate.  Grand prize is a two week trip to New Zealand
and Australia for eight people with $24,000.00 spending money... Not shabby
for a cereal.

So it is settled... Jurassic Park Crunch is a cold cereal... and it has no