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Re: Mononykus

Richard.L.Dieterle-1@tc.umn.edu wrote:

>One could argue that a digging Mononykus could have squatted down and
>could have
>moved its head into position by a flexible neck, but wouldn't there have
>been a
>pretty steady evolutionary pressure to shorten the neck?. . . . . Pigs,
>who were already stuck with hooves, find themselves forced to use their
>snout, a technique which greatly affects the form of this
>anatomic feature.

Hmm, I've only seen drawings, but I reckon it used its long neck and head to 
sneak into dino nests and steal eggs, using it's grippy teeth to seize but not 
penetrate the shell, while it's body was hidden in clumps of convenient 
It then clutched the egg tightly to it's body with its arms and ran with the 
to escape, much as a rugby player running with the ball. When it had reached a 
place of safety, dodging thru' the undergrowth as easily as a rail, it sat down 
and broke the egg open with it's special claws, sucking up the contents using 
it's tongue which when not in use is kept firmly tucked into one cheek.