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Re: The Science of The Lost World---HCCF (Hot Cer

I presumed all cereals were created equal?  The great god Kelloggs
created them,
and saw that they were yummy.  Then clad them in cardboard and sent them
the gardens of Albertsons and Safeway to have fruit cast upon them.  I
you think they evolved from protocereals?  Or even dinorations?

To change the subject (if anyone gets this far :) )

The Giants of the Gobi exhibit opened at OMSI several weeks ago.  One of
fossil eggs has a dinosaur in the process of hatching.  This seemed very
to me, that I had never heard of it before.  Are there many of these
No one (as far as I know) went to the trouble of trying to identify it,
any further than dinosaur.  Anyone know any more about this?  


someone wrote:
> On 15 Apr 97 19:56:00 EDT, you wrote:
> >someone else wrote:
> >>
> >> In a message dated 97-04-15 13:57:52 EDT, you write:
> >>
> >> << In my phylogeny, cursorial, non-arboreal Cereals could never have made 
> >> the
> >> transition from the cereal bowl into the box---they had to have descended
> >> from the box into the bowl!! (sorry George, I couldn't resist) >>
> >>
> >> I'd say your phylogeny is quite correct. The path of least resistance is 
> >> box
> >> into bowl, not bowl back into box.
> >
> >
> >You guys take this a little to seriously. I mean come on? Discussing the
> >evolution of a CEREAL? I know it's all in good fun but COME ON! LIGHTEN
> >UP!
> What? You disagree? Obviously you're a cereal creationist...


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