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Re: Pneumaticity

        As for limb bone pneumatics, I don't know of any in sauropods but 
I have seen sauropod ribs (especially those of Brachiosaurus) with big 
pneumatic cavities in the proximal ends that extend, oh 6" or so.  I assume 
these things had foramina that would extend to pneumatic invaginations 
present on the dorsal vertebrae (not-as-rampant-as-one-might-think 
speculation) but I'll need to spend some time with better material to be 
sure (Berlin, anyone?).

ps-Linda pointed out to me the new Jurassic Park toys spell their new 
ceratopsian "Chasmasaurus"....  Potatoe anyone?  Or is it some new 
ceratopsian (Or should it be ...topian...? But when Cathy Forster is your 
advisor ...topsian... it is, keeps her smiley and all) that I haven't 
heard of yet?

The Lost Science of JP?