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Re: Nucleated RBCs

On  9 Apr 97 at 15:16, Jeffrey Martz wrote:

> >                                  No Go for Reconstituted Dino
> > 
> > Scientists have failed to find any trace of DNA in insects trapped
> > in amber some 30 million years ago. 
>     They didn't get dinosaur DNA from a 30 million year old amber?
> _REALLY_?!?!?!?!?

It doesn't say that (at least, the line in your quotes, I don't know 
about it's context). it just says that no DNA at all could be found 
in insects trapped in 30 million years old amber.

So, the title of the text still seems valid: if you don't find DNA in 
30 ma old amber, how can you suspect to do so from amber that is 65 
ma old, or even older?


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