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Planet Dinosaur at Fernbank MNH

I am posting the following for Fernbank MNH in Atlanta:

PLANET DINOSAUR--Where the future and the past collide.
Planet Dinosaur will open on April 28, running through December 31.  A
collection of dinosaur skeletons, cast from fossils at the Beijing Museum and
never seen outside of China, is the focal point of this 7,000 square foot
exhibition.  A young _Bactrosaurus_, a _Velociraptor_, and a _Tyrannosaurus
rex_ skull among many others are sure to amaze, enthrall, and educate.

Catch the newest and hottest discoveries from the dinosaur world with PLANET
DINOSAUR, an international exhibition of global proportions.  Filled with the
latest technology, virtual dinosaur tracking & interactive galleries, PLANET
DINOSAUR is a one of a kind dino-venture!

Featuring the six-foot skull of _Giganotosaurus_ the largest meat-eating
dinosaur ever discovered--direct from Argentina.  Eight complete skeletons.
 Sixteen dinosaur species.  Rare Asian and South American fossils, never
before seen in this country.  And the Global Internet Gallery.  

There are specimen galleries presenting Sauropods (_Bellusaurus,
Camarasaurus, Argentinosaurus_), Theropods (_Yangchuanosaurus,
Monolophosaurus, Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus rex, Giganotosaurus_),
Stegosaurs/Ankylosaurs (_Tuojiangosaurus, Stegosaurus,_),
Ceratopsians/Pachycephalosaurs (_Chasmosaurus_) , and Ornithopods
(_Tsintaosaurus, Bactrosaurus_).  Meet the scientist videos feature Cathy
Forster, Kent Stevens, Paul Sereno, Mary Schweitzer, Ken Carpenter, Peter
Dodson, Louis Jacobs, and Dale Russell.

For further information call Clint Bearden at Fernbank at 404-370-8080 ext.
767 Clifton Road N.E., Atlanta, GA  30307.  (clint.bearden@fernbank.edu)