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Re: Euoplocephalus walking

Grant Harding wrote:
> How did Euoplocephalus walk? There are three ways for a quadroped to
> walk:
> 1. Putting its front legs forward, then its back legs forward

this can only be done at high speeds- animals like modern horses and
cheetahs do this during the gallop.  Otherwise it's such an unstable
gait, the animal doing it would fall over.

> 2. Putting its left legs forward, then its right legs forward

this is called pacing and modern animals that do this include the camel
which does it at fairly slow speeds, and horses which do it at a faster
speed (ever hear of a type of horse called the 'Pacer"?)

> 3. Putting its left hind leg and its right front leg forward, then its
> right hind leg and left front leg forward

this is what most 4-legged animals do during a walk-from lizards to
horses to platypuses to bears.  Likely this is what Eoplocephalus did
when moving forwards at a regular, slow pace.

           Betty Cunningham  
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