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Re: Another mosquito query

I think large Dinosaurs could have been the main target of mosquitos in the

WOwen15778@aol.com wrote:

>Well, supposedly, Dr. Hammond found many, many mosquitoes, and only some of
>them had feasted on anything interesting.  The question I had is:  How did
>they know that they had dinosaur DNA?  The bugs were from all time periods,
>based on the critters they cloned.  Shouldn't some of them have been from
>mammals or birds from the time?  They would probably be easier pickings...

Smaller organisms would seem more likely to be aware of your existence if
you are a mosquito and therefore, more dangerous to you. Huge dinosaurs
were probably unaware of the existence of mosquitos who could feed without
fearing for their lives. One of the previous posts mentioned that there
were probably a number of vulnerable areas on dinos in which mosquitos
could penetrate the skin (eyes were one area mentioned). I would think the
perfect target for a mosquito to bite would be a T-Rex, and those closely
related, whose arms were too small to scratch an itch around its eye. So, I
would not assume that smaller mammals or birds were easier pickings. I
think they would have posed a much greater threat to a thirsty mosquito
than a large dinosaur.