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Re: Paleontology Payback (was The Science of The Lost World)

> Paul Willis wrote on 4/16/97:
> >>but I would ask why comercial ventures can cash ion on palaeontologicla
> >>work without paying any dues back into the science. Are the makers of this
> >>cereal paying a portion of profist back to palaeontology?  >>
> And Walt Owen wrote on 4/20/97:
> <SNIP>>I bet that General Mills makes a ton, and the only folks who see
> anything from it are Amblin and Universal, for license fees...

just wanted to mention that Speilburg says in the new issue of PREMIERE
magazine, that e hasn't worked for a salary for the last 10 years-only
works on a film for a take on the box-office, therefore each film he
works on is a risk he won't be paid (fat chance!)until it becomes a hit
           Betty Cunningham  
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