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Re: Euoplocephalus walking

Jonathon Woolf wrote:
> The standard gaits for an upright quadrupedal animal like a dog or a
> horse are walk, trot, canter, gallop. 

I am a professional animator classicly trained in animal locomotion, and
I assure you that most canids pace as well.  I've seen my dog do it. 
I've seen coyotes do it.  They were not harness trained.
Your ideas of the basic movements are correct but when you get into such
movements as shown in classical dressage:extended trot, collected trot,
collected canter, etc...The timing is not quite as perfect as you
depict.  Also there is individual variation, say by arthritic animals,
loose shoes or stones in shoes, etc.  Also the gallop can be a left- or
right- lead motion as well.

>Not all fourfoot mammals can move at all four gaits.  I'm pretty sure
>elephants can't gallop.  I don't think they can canter either.  The best
>elephants can do is a kind of fast shuffling trot.  

Muybridge named the three paces of an elephant as walk, trot (usually
done as a juvenile) and the amble, which has it's own timing different
from most other animals' paces.  Rhinos can gallop (according to Dr
Bakker).  Giraffes can gallop-believe it or not-those legs do not get
tangled up.
           Betty Cunningham  
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