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Re: Chinese "Primitive archaeopterryx"

>Japanese JIJI PRESS has just released next interesting news.
>Next is my translation.
>>    The fossil of Chinese "Primitive archaeopterryx" was found in China on
>>Dec.1996. It's as same as which inhabited 145 million years ago in Germany.
>>    Chinese researchers named and published the papers on it.
>>    Compared with that of Germany it became clear that;
>>        Basic structure of the bone was same.
>>        Length of foot reaches 40 cm, and is bigger.
>>        Fundamental characteristic such as sharp dens, long tail,
>>                                   structure of wing bone is concordant.
>>    Dens is more firm and a foot is big, so it's a little primitive.
>>    However level of evolution is almost same.
>   It isn't clear whether English translation of "Primitive
>is correct.  And it differs from _Confuciusornis_, _Liaoningornis_ and
I believe this is Protarchaeopteryx.
-- Jeff Hecht, Boston Correspondent, New Scientist magazine
(see www.newscientist.com for more information)