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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #70

It took several posts from several people (Phil Currie, Alan Brush, Jeff
Hecht), but I finally garnered enough information about the following taxon
to be able to add it to the DGL:

Protarchaeopteryx Ji Q. & Ji S., 1997*

Genera count increments to 804.

The primary reference is

Ji Qiang and Ji Shu'an, 1997.  "Protarchaeopteryx, a new genus of
Archaeopterygidae from China," Chinese Geology 11(3), 38-41.

Type species is _Protarchaeopteryx robusta_.

The results are summarized in the April 19 issue of _New Scientist_, which
hasn't yet hit the stands here in San Diego.

I've been carrying archaeopterygid birds, asterisked, on the Dinosaur Genera
List to be on the safe side of the "dinosaur-bird" transition. I have yet to
see the description and figures, so I cannot presently judge whether an
asterisk should be placed after the name (indicating it as non-dinosaurian),
but I have done so provisionally.

The Detroit Free Press recently commissioned me to extract the names of all
valid dinosaur species (sorry, they wanted author and date references
deleted) for their kiddie web site, Yak's Corner:


It will be on that site sometime later this week. It is not a list of >all<
published dinosaur species, because I culled synonyms and renamings out of
it. But this still left 823 names, including a number of published names for
as-yet-undescribed species. I don't know how long they'll keep in online; the
web site changes daily.