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The Business of Dinosaurs

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The ultimate answer to the paleontological funding problem may lie in the
business world. Business is alot like evolution itself. Only the strong
survive and live to reproduce their kind. The Dinosaur Society is populated
by people who love Dinosaurs. They are not a businessmen/women. If they
were a business, they could market authentic dinosaur products to children
and others to compete with the Genereal Mills/Mattel's of the world. And
then they could allocate their funds toward their beloved ends - the
advancement of dinosaur science.

Hold on to your Dilophosaurus's... I am not that naive. You can't just up
and compete with multi-million dollar company's over night. But you can
start somewhere. There are plenty of retired businessmen who take on such
projects as these just for fun. And no doubt a worthy cause would be an
added perk for someone who is close to the abyss and looking for something
to do besides trying to get that handicap back down under 20. Some funds
that normally would go right into paleontology might have to go to start up
costs for a product but it's a risk that's worth considering when you think
of the possible long term benefits. How would you like to have millions to
throw at your science? Who better than you to capitalize on the huge profit
potential of dinosaurs? there are many, many ways to approach this
enterprise. You could look for partnerships also. I know that the society
already does this to a limited degree with their product catalogue. It's a
start, but it can go alot farther and bigger. They should pursue the
business angle more aggressively. It's a real big pie! Take your slice and
put it to the ends of dinosaur science!

If the society were ultra successful, someday you could hire Spielberg to
make a "Mesozioc Park" or a "Raptor red" or something akin in the Society's
vision. On a little bit of a tangent here, I would like to see a dinosaur
film done with ILM CGI effects with NO DNA-amber plot (NO traditional plot
of any kind) and NO actors, just PBS-type camera in the wild and I bet it
would still be a huge blockbuster. This would be very expensive but I'm
fantasizing now, anyway...

Is there a business list? If there is maybe someone should do some