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Re: Mosquitoes

jamolnar@juno.com wrote:
> Just some comments on mosquito biology.
> So, Hammond would have to go through many tons of amber to find a female
> mosquito that hasn't just fed on flowers alone, *and*  fed on a dinosaur
> with nucleated red blood cells (and no other animal) *and* hasn't already
> completely processed the blood meal for her developing eggs *and* became
> entombed in amber *and* the amber fossilizing intact.  What are the
> incredible odds of anyone finding this and getting viable DNA at all?
> Pretty nil, I'd say.

why does Hammond have to restrict himself to mosquitoes in amber?  
What about ticks, leeches, maggots, fleas, bloodflies, and lice?
I resqued a red-tailed hawk today that had been hit by a car (long
story-bird's probably going to be re-released tomorrow) and MAN! that
thing was crawling with bird-lice.  If dinosaurs had folds of skin that
could hide ticks or lice, or prickly/bristly somethings that small
crawling insects could take refuge in, why not have body vermin that
occasionally fell off into sap while feeding on dinos?
Birds certainly have more than their fair share of vermin.
Do modern veranid lizards bear body vermin?  Does anyone know?

           Betty Cunningham  
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