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LOST WORLD in PREMIERE magazine (was Re: The Business of Dinosaurs)

Steven S. Lazarus wrote:
> If the society were ultra successful, someday you could hire Spielberg to
> make a "Mesozioc Park" or a "Raptor red" or something akin in the Society's
> vision. On a little bit of a tangent here, I would like to see a dinosaur
> film done with ILM CGI effects with NO DNA-amber plot (NO traditional plot
> of any kind) and NO actors, just PBS-type camera in the wild and I bet it
> would still be a huge blockbuster. This would be very expensive but I'm
> fantasizing now, anyway...

Spielburg doesn't want to direct anymore dino pictures after JP2, and he
INSISTED on only 75 CG shots in JP2 (there were only 51 in JP1, the
mother of all) because he feels CGI is inaddequate to capture a lot of
the drama the real-time physicalness of a life-size model the actors can
react to.
There is an article on Spielburg and the Lost World in this month's
issue of PREMIERE magazine-  The cover shows Steven standing and leaning
on his Stegosaurus.  (evenly paired plates).  It discusses the opening
plot and exposition explaining between Goldblum and Attenbourough why
there are still dinosaurs and why Goldblum has to go back to them which
answers some of the questions we've posted here, and goes on with at
least a partial dinosaur list, including some discussions about which
are animatronics and why.  Nice interview with Spielburg

           Betty Cunningham  
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