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DINOSAUR DISCOVERIES #4 (May-June 97) has gone to press.
The articles in this exciting issue of the only professional
all-dino/every-dino newsletter include:
THE AFRICAN HUNTER: How Afrovenator is revising our ideas of dinosaur
evolution and distribution by Ben Roesch. (Art by DW Miller)
GASPARINISAURA: One of the very few southern ornithiscians by Tim Williams
(art by Matthew Celeskey)
SUDDEN IMPACT: New data on the impact theory.
THE ORIGIN OF ERRORS ABOUT BIRDS: How the new anti-dino descendant book
by Feduccia missed the mark on numerous counts. by Gregory S Paul
FIRST CAMARASAURID FROM SOUTH AMERICA: what the new southern sauropod
family means for dinosaur evolution and distribution by Dr Tom Rich
REVIEW: THE HORNED DINOSAURS (art by James Whitcraft)
GIANT HADROSAURS OF NORTH AMERICA: Some of those duckbills got as
big as medium-sized sauropods, and we've got the tracks and bones
to prove it! article and art by Dr Brian J Witzke
TRANSITIONAL HORNFACES OF MONTANA: An evaluation of the theory of
ceratopsian evolution by George Olshevsky (art by Tracy Ford)
(Styracosaurs -> Einiosaurus -> Achelousaurus -> Pachyrhinosaurus)
includes fascinating footnotes on ICZN terminology.
MESOZOIC NOTES: Modern Plesiosaur, Pterosaur distribution, Flying
reptiles, Australian amphibian, Steropodon, Chinese birds, Cretaceous
bird orders, Japanese frogs, Tucson vs China, Australian pines,
Chensaurus, Lebanese Amber, Russian Nessie, Pterosaur thumbs.
TOP TEN TRACKWAYS: The best tracks and where to find them. by Beverly
A TRULY SPLENDID PTEROSAUR: soft tissue find brings new light to an
enigmatic creature by Sally Day. (Art by Shannon Yeager)
PLIOPLATECARPUS PRIMAEVUS: A new complete mosasaur find! by Sally Day
DINOSAUR NOTES: New Argentine theropods, new titanosaur material,
Dromaeosaur pelvis, theropods dominate literature, Nanotyrannus,
Neovenator new data, dinosaur egg reports, new study of Archaeopteryx
feathers, tripodal feeding study, the first dinosaur report in history,
Compsognathus feathers?, why did Edmontosaurus hang around the swamp?
TEN NEW GENERA by Graeme Worth, art by Matthew Celeskey
TYRELL UPDATE by Darren Tanke
DINOSAUR CALENDAR: all the events through Dinofest 98!
DINOSAUR DISCOVERIES is 16 pages long (a very big newsletter or a
very small magazine) and appears six times per year. It is professionally
written, edited, illustrated, and published. It covers everything from
the Mesozoic Era (mostly dinosaurs, but anything else from the same time
finds its way into our pages). Our goal is to include EVERY new dinosaur
report, find, species, genera, and theory. The "style" is about halfway
between "Popular Science" and "Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology".
Our motto is "Hard science that's not hard to read."
The technical terms are used (and are translated with each use).
Cost is $25 per year ($26.56 in Texas, $30 in Canada, $40 airmail elsewhere)
and we take checks, money orders, visa, and mastercard. Published by
TIGER PUBLICATIONS, P O Box 8759, Amarillo TX 79114. We have been in the
publishing business for 15 years and pay our writers and artists on time.
Back issues and samples issues are available for $5 each ($6 airmail).
Authors and Artists guides available by Email on request.