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embryos, was Re: The Science of The Lost World---HCCF (Hot Cer (fwd)

On Fri, 18 Apr 1997, Randy King wrote:

> The Giants of the Gobi exhibit opened at OMSI several weeks ago.  One of
> the fossil eggs has a dinosaur in the process of hatching.  This seemed
> very odd to me, that I had never heard of it before.  Are there many of
> these around?  No one (as far as I know) went to the trouble of trying to
> identify it, not any further than dinosaur.  Anyone know any more about
> this? 

I'm one of the volunteers at OMSI, and as far as I know, these specimens
are quite rare (as are all embryonated egg fossils).  And the identity
of the species is unknown, but thought to possibly be Oviraptor.  It's
kind of cute... just a little triangular "egg tooth" peeking out. The kids
usually spot it well before the adults. 

The specimens in the OMSI exhibit are all from the Inner Mongolian Museum 
of Natural History, and it's only the third time out of the country for
them (Atlanta, GA, and Japan).  Supposed to be the only west coast showing
in the next few years.   If you'd like time to really examine the specimens,
midafternoon of weekdays is best... we've been a bit swamped.  :-)

If anyone is interested, I can post a specimen list.

Kay Lancaster    kay@fern.com  
just west of Portland, OR, unless I'm digging fossils in the Gobi on the