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Re: Mosquitoes

On Mon, 21 Apr 1997 19:54:55 -0700 Bettyc <Bettyc@flyinggoat.com> writes:
>Do modern veranid (sic!) lizards bear body vermin?  Does anyone know?
I made an off-list reply in this vein a few weeks ago, perhaps it should
have been a general posting, it addresses this very question:
In Herpetoculture, one of the very frequent problems encountered with the
acquisition of new specimens is that of external parasites.  This is
especially frequent with wild-caught specimens, significantly less so
with captive bred animals.  Mosquitos are however, rarely, if ever, part
of this problem-they'll fly away when the animal they're on is caught. 
Ticks and mites are common to the extant that it is standard practice  to
isolate newly acquired animals.  Only after a careful check for external
parasites, and any necessary  "de-bugging"  will the new animal be placed
with others.  Another indication of the extant of the problem is the
support market for sprays, dips, etc. to rid your pet of unwanted
parasites-just go into any pet store that deals in reptiles and take a
-zenlizard, who owns several reptiles and is looking for more

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