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The REAL Lost World Movie

I thought all of us dino lovers would enjoy this story and the URL at the

> from AP Wire page:
>  ----------------------------
>   04/21/1997 17:46 EST 
>   Web Site Offers Rare Look at Birds 
>   COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- The state Division of Wildlife has created a site
>  on the Internet for viewing one of Ohio's four nesting pairs of peregrine
>   The falcons are nesting on the 41st floor of the Rhodes State Office
>   in Columbus. Four eggs in the nest are expected to hatch about May 9. 
>   The division each year installs a video camera at the nest that feeds a
>   signal to a television monitor in the lobby of the downtown office
>   The agency has expanded the viewing to the World Wide Web where pictures
>   of the falcons' activities are updated every 10 seconds. 
>   Wildlife biologist Donna Daniel said the site provides a unique
>    opportunity for Internet users to watch falcon chicks hatching and
>   ``Peregrines are elusive birds of prey. They typically nest in places
>   where they can't be seen easily such as tall buildings or rock cliffs,''
Daniel said           Monday.   
>   The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the state of Ohio have placed the
>   birds on the endangered species list. 
>   The Web address for viewing the peregrine falcons is:
>   www.dnr.state.oh.us/odnr/wildlife/falcon/peregrine.html 

...this is either totally fascinating or incredibly boring, depending on
one's view of the world...I think it's the coolest!!

BTW, cancel my invitation to the Creationist Claptrap Ball...who let him in
here anyway??  ;-)

MITCH  ~/^o