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Re: Archaeopteryx problem

>     By the way folks, I am predicting a massive and uninformative assault
>on creationism and Karl in response to his posting.  Save it.  If you we
>want people to understand what makes evolution work and the evidence and
>logic that substantiates it, we have to discuss things with them, not
>shower them with abuse.  Discuss it as long as they feel like talking
>about it, and keep the postings on the list as long as they more or less
>involve dinosaurs.
>LN Jeff

        You're a great-hearted soul to take that attitude.  But, I for one
signed up here to get away from leather-lunged creationists shouting every
else down in usenet.  The arguments they deploy are either willful
misrepresentations of valid controversies, or exhumed hypotheses that were
exploded in the previous century.  Proof doesn't work with these
people--they don't _want_ an education.


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