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Re: Archaeopteryx problem

>      By the way folks, I am predicting a massive and uninformative assault
> on creationism and Karl in response to his posting.  Save it.  If you we
> want people to understand what makes evolution work and the evidence and
> logic that substantiates it, we have to discuss things with them, not
> shower them with abuse.  Discuss it as long as they feel like talking
> about it, and keep the postings on the list as long as they more or less
> involve dinosaurs.

    After deliberation, I want to say that I hope no one who has already
or plans to express frustration with having creationism pop up on our
mailing list takes my previous comment personally.  I just think that we
should make a deliberate point of not treating creationist arguments any
differently then any other criticisms we hear that we find equally
unfounded, and let the speaker know how the evidence stands.  Creationist
arguments are generally simplistic and downright innaccurate enough that a
brief word of explanation will do the job.  If creationism becomes such a
domineering presence on the list that it starts to make life difficult for
anybody trying to seriously discuss dinosaurs, that is another matter, but
I don't think respnding to the occaisional posting is such a big deal.
     Sorry if I sounded too harsh,
LN Jeff