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Reply to questions

>I'm working on a project and I cannot find the following measurements for 
>specific dinosaurs for which I have looked in numerous books. You could 
>really help me out by telling me the measurements if you know them.    
        Apatosaurus - height  5m (16 ft) at shoulders
        Triceratops - height     10-12 ft at hips
        Stegosaurus - height      4m (13 ft) at hips
        Deinonychus - height and where its remains are found    Cloverly 
        Anchisaurus - height and where its remains are found     Upper Portland
Beds, Newark Supergroup, Connecticut & Mass.
        Ankylosaurus - weight and height        2m (6 ft) at hips
        Camptosaurus - what its name means, weight, and height    Flexible or 
        Utahraptor - what time period it lived in, weight, height, and 
        length      Early Cret (Aptian 119-113 mya), 1 tonne, 7m (22 ft) long
        Giganotosaurus - what its name means and height    Great southern 
        Afrovenator - weight, height, and length     8-9m (25-28 ft) long

Graeme Worth
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