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Re: More Judith River

At 09:49 AM 4/21/97 -0700, Grant Harding wrote:
>Hi everybody,
>In the Late Cretaceous, how mountainous was the Judith River 

As far as I know, the area was mostly, or entirely, flat coastal plains.
Any mountains would have been strictly local uplifts.

>How much of the Judith River Formation was covered by rivers and 

All of it.  The sediments of the Judith River Group are riparian sandstones
and mudstones, mixed with some shallow lake sediments.

Any part of the area that wasn't subject to river flooding would be
erosional, and thus not represented in the sediments.
>How much did the weather vary?

Not clear.  There is some evidence of seasonal drought, at least in some
areas.  There is NO evidence for cold weather.

> What was the average temperature? How 
>about the average moisture?
The area was probably warm temperate to subtropical in temperature.

I am not sure about the rainfall levels, as I have studied the later
Lancian age climate more.

>Did the day length vary about the same amount in the Late Cretaceous 
>as  it does today?

I don't know.

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