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Re: Archaeopteryx & Jesus

>For a little fun, let's try what logicians call "uniform substitution": True
>Believers for evolutionist[s], Jesus for Archaeopteryx, God the Father for
>reptiles, Yahweh for dinosaurs, common descent for common ancestor, divinities
>of high religions for creatures, Hindu trinity for giant panda, Christian
>trinity for red panda (therefore, trinity for panda), the false gods of the
>Vedic religion for the bear, the true god of the Jewish religion for the
>Behold! --
>"True Believers like to assume that just because Jesus appears to have shared
>some features with the Father or Yahweh it means that He is the son of the
>Father or Yahweh.  Of course, there could be a problem with this thought
>concerning Jesus.  Divinities of high religions often have similar features
>which True Believers do not believe are derived from common descent.   For
>instance, the Hindu trinity and the Christian trinity are similar enough to
>be called "trinities," down to their God-man avatars (the only divinities of
>high religions to have them), but they are believed to have no close
>relationship.  The Hindu trinity is believed to have descended from the false
>gods of the Vedic religion and the Christian trinity from the true god of the
>Jewish religion. The True Believers could call this evolution of their God-man
>avatars "convergent evolution."  This process is said to have made the God-man
>avatars of both trinities alike.  If it can happen in that instance, on what
>basis does the True Believer claim the so-called divine features of Jesus
>he is the son of God the Father?"

I think that it is very disrespectful and does evolutionists a disservice
when a responce to creationism is couched (or appears to be couched) as an
attack on christianity or any other religious belief. Science has not and
cannot make any claim to understand or analyse spitirual matters and to
attempt to do so only makes the proposer look stupid, insensitive and



Dr Paul M.A. Willis
Consulting Vertebrate Palaeontologist
Quinkana Pty Ltd