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Re: Questions

At 09.23 20/04/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I'm working on a project and I cannot find the following measurements for 
>specific dinosaurs for which I have looked in numerous books. You could 
>really help me out by telling me the measurements if you know them. 

Here are some of the measurements requested:

        Apatosaurus - height
                        4-5 m

        Corythosaurus - height
                        4 m

        Triceratops - height
                        3 m

        Stegosaurus - height
        Deinonychus - height and where its remains are found
                        2,5 m

        Oviraptor - weight and height
        Megalosaurus - height
        Allosaurus - height
                        2,5 m
        Spinosaurus - height
        Anchisaurus - height and where its remains are found
        Camarasaurus - height
        Diplodocus - height
                        up to 12 m 
        Troodon - weight and height
        Hadrosaurus - weight and height
        Parasaurolophus - height
                        4-5 m

        Ankylosaurus - weight and height
        Psittacosaurus - height
        Camptosaurus - what its name means, weight, and height
        Utahraptor - what time period it lived in, weight, height, and 
        Giganotosaurus - what its name means and height
        Velociraptor - weight
        Afrovenator - weight, height, and length


Eugenio Spreafico