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new snake and taxonomy

I just had a chance to look at the Nature article on _Pachyrhachis_.  It 
seems to be pretty interesting, although I've only had time to skim it.  
One thing that immediately caught my attention though.  The authors refer 
a genus called _Estesius_ to _Pachyrhachis_.  Returning to an old thread 
about suffixes on taxonomic names, I'm wondering whether _Estesius_ (the 
name, not the organism) is different from _Estesia_, the new (relatively) 
varanoid from Mongolia?  Are two taxa that differ only in their suffix 
both valid?
        On a side note, there has been another taxon described as 
_Estesius_, a frog from Tiupampa in Bolivia.  The snake was named in 
1984, the frog in 1994, so the name should apply to the snake.  Has 
_Estesius_ the frog been renamed yet?  I'm doing some work on material 
from the early Cenozoic of Bolivia, so I'd appretiate a citation if it 
has been renamed.

                                --Shawn Zack
                                  The Duke dino