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Call me a hypocrite, but...

Obviously, the majority of subscribers on this discussion list are here to
talk about dinosaurs, not theology.  And although recently we have had a
posting suggestion the fallacy of evolution, we've had MANY more postings
in response to that _one_ by Karl.  May I suggest that that was Karl's
intent?  Not to change our minds about evolution, but just to aggravate
those of us who "believe in" evolution.  Shouldn't we just drop the subject
of creationism altogether, ignore it in the future, and get back to talking
about dinosaurs?

Along that line, here two new references for the past few weeks...

JT Lethaia.                                        
DA 1996 v 29 n 4
PG 373
AU Unwin, D.M.
TI Pterosaur tracks and the terrestrial ability of pterosaurs

JT Journal of the Palaeontological Society of India
DA 1995 v 40
PG 87   
AU Khosla, Ashu   
AU Sahni, Ashok   
TI Parataxonomic classification of Late Cretaceous Dinosaur eggshells from

MUCH more to come in the near future!