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Re: Deinonychus claws

Jonathon Woolf wrote:
> I hope nobody minds if I return to a topic that was discussed a month or
> so ago, concerning the use of _Deinonychus's_ huge foot-claws.  > 
> I find it interesting that the nearest nondinosaurian analog to
> _Deinonychus's_ giant foot-claw is found on the foot of an animal that,
> if not itself arboreal, is descended from an arboreal ancestor.

Look at the inner claw on the foot of Casawaries. It is a spear and this 
raitite can kick a man to death; quick. Killing one is a trial of 
manhood for some New Guinne (sp) tribes. It is the most dangerous avian 
dinosaur in the world.
        Ken Carpenter ran past me the other day the thought that 
dromaeosaur claws may be more for stabbing than slicing as they are not 
serrated. Maybe, thinking about Casawaries makes this a more interesting 
suggestion. It stands on one foot or jumps when it kicks you to death.

Jim K.