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Re: Deinonychus claws evolved

To any science fiction fans out there: I am currently writing 
and illustrating a book on the idea of hypothetical evolution of the 
dromaeosaurs, the troodontids, and an entire world of Mesozoic-type fauna 
and flora which continued to evolve and florish.
There was no mass extinction in this world, the troodons 
and dromaeosaurs became mortal enemies; 
developing superior cultures centered around hunting,territory, deities 
of nature, and warrior sanctions.  Oh, they have a pretty complex 
technological state and science--very avian in form.  If you like raw 
naturality and not laser guns and space ships, you'll like what I'm 
doing.  If there are any of you that can offer ideas in general terms 
feel free to tell me.  I would be happy to discuss ideas of dinosaurian 
evolution any day.
                                            - ECO